SpectraTherm 1000

An economic, easy to use Short Wave Infra-Red Curing Lamp set on a chrome-plated column. Designed for bodyshops demanding high quality and reliability.

Cures any substrates, putty or primer.

Automatic timed shut-off reduces chance of damage to finish due to overheating.

Easy to operate. Effortless lamp unit adjustment “push” and “go” operation short, timer controlled curing times (polyester putties in approx 4 minutes, water and solvent based products in under 10 minutes).

Uniform, focused cure area –
No hot or cold spot.
Curing area: 18″ x 9″ (460 x 430mm) .

Built-in safety featurs: CE Approval.Easy to maintain.

Removable grill.
Cleanable, solvent resistant reflector.
Interchangeable bulbs.