SpectraTherm 4000S

Thermal Integrated Sensor System (TISS) allows for fast set up and automatic regulation: Distance sensor emits audible tone for setting the proper distance from the panel. Heat sensor automatically adjusts the temperature throughout the curing process.

Cures on any substrate. Cures body filler in 2 to 3 minutes, top coat in 7 to 10 minutes.

Uniform, focused 1,521 sq. in. (1m²)cure area with no hot or cold spots

Modulated ramp-up time for maximum control and heat transfer.
Auto Timed Shut-Off: Reduces chance of damage to finish due to overheating.
Adjustable array of 4 1,000 watt infrared short wave lamps conforms to the contour of the panel.
Heavy duty stand with movable arm and a locking caster allows the lamp head to be positioned to panels from the rocker to the vehicle roof. (Note: Appropriate 220 volt plug must be installed by user.)

Replacement Lamps: EO6-14x 1,000 watt, 220 volt