CompuSpot 700

High Frequency Compression Spot Welding Machine

Design to weld all new high strength steels. – Delivers over 10 000 amps at the electrode tips.
Ensures factory quality welds.
Gradual start of the weld– eliminates current peaks, reduces electricity consumption.
Slim ergonomic design– enable use between cars and facilitates operation in narrow shop bays.
Cable position– facilitates work on any part of the car.
Low fatigue factor– with welding cables supported by a pivoting boom and hardness.
Cooling system– utilize induced air (no water system to maintain.
Easy to use control panel– easy reach of the operator – 6 functions with 4 working memories.
Power and time ranges– pre-adjusted to the mode chosen. Accurate set-up for welding time and power.
High pressure pneumatic clamping– high pressure 355 kg-force (798 lb-force) by the pneumatic pinch weld with “C” or “G” style gun.
Diagnostics display– with backlit LCD for clear readout.
Designed for any spot welding job

Two side compression spot welding with a pneumatic “C” or “G” clamp.
Single spot welding with a separate cable set already attached.
Complete dent pulling package for welding nails, washers, wiggle wire and moulding rivets.
Installation of threaded bolts or captive nuts.
Quick dent pulling with synergic slide hammer (10 star washers included).
Stitch welding and shrinking with copper tip or carbon rod