CompuSpot 800

CompuSpot™ Series Model CPS800HF

AMH Canada Ltd has developed welding machines capable of producing unequaled performances by following these strategies:

  • Using Adapted Power Components
    The loss of power produced by the electrical components in the welder is reduced to its minimum in order to minimize current need.

  • Integrating a New Power Transformer Design
    The power transformer is the component that contributes the most to the performance of spot welders. AMH® has designed it such as to minimize losses of energy due to electrical resistance and induction.

  • Generating electrical Impulses With Controlled power curve Slopes
    This allows:
    – To minimize the expulsion of material during fusion by gradually heating the metal.
    – To eliminate excessive start-up currents which can cause the circuit breakers of the electrical lines to open prematurely.
    – To eliminate the mechanical stress generated by the electromagnetic forces on all the components of the secondary circuit of the power transformer.
    – To increase the electronic power components life while minimizing their heating to allow better performance.