UltraMig 175

UltraMIG 175 Synergic Wire Welding Machines

The big brother of the UltraMig 135 is a 220 volt portable with the same features and silhouette as the 115 volt version. More power (175 amps maximum) in an economical package! Weld heavier materiel using .030 (0.8mm) wire with the same spatter free precision. Comes with regulator and 2 lb. wire spool. A four wheel cart is optional.

Input power 200-240 volts (auto) 50/60 Hz (auto)
Rated 130 Amps, 21VDC @ 30%
Max. output 175 Amps
Max. output voltage (c.o.) 24 volts (syn)
Current range (amps) 20-175
Power cord 10′ (3m)
Welding cable 8′ (2,5m)
Ground cable and clamp 10′ (3m)