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Anchoring Systems

The new EVOlution is here


Go for EVO-lution
New car models and new materials require new ways of measuring, aligning and repairing crashed vehicles. Fierce competition and tougher requirements from the auto industry, insurance companies and car owners place rigorous demands on today’s bodyshops, including a quality certified process – from the first damage assessment right through to repair and delivery. It’s a job requiring thorough documentation. These demands can only be met by investing in advanced measuring systems such as the new “EVO” and “Car-O-Tronic Vision X3”. An investment that could turn yours into a leading bodyshop.

Easy going
A bodyshop should focus on craftsmanship and design when it comes to aligning and repairing modern vehicles, installing parts and using technologically advanced materials. That’s why Car-O-Liner offers this new universal system for anchoring, measuring and holding. EVO is a flexible system that can be readily adapted to meet the demands of any automobile and light truck . A system with few components – but many possibilities. EVO is the easy way to be a leading bodyshop.

Modern modularity
Modularity is at the heart of EVO. Each component can be assembled with the others in a multitude of configurations. And each EVO system – 1,2 and 3 – can be combined to handle every imaginable anchoring, holding and fixturing situation. There may be a minimum number of components, but together they provide maximum benefit. That’s what we mean by modern modularity.

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