Car-O-Liner Truck Holding

The Car-O-Liner® Truck Clamping and Support System allows you to anchor and repair every compact truck, pickup, van and sport utility vehicle – with holding power that far exceeds pulling requirements. It’s an ideal companion to the Bench Rack™ and Mark 6™ systems and has set new industry standards for full-frame repairs.

Features and Benefits

• Fast setup and tear-down time.

• User-friendly and easy to learn.

• Reduces pulling and measuring time – increasing your profits.

• Versatile – Can be used on virtually all full-frame cars and trucks.

• Easy access under the vehicle.

• Less chance of frame damage due to improper hook-ups.

• Isolates frame from suspension for easier diagnosis and repairs.

CarOLiner Truck Holding2

CarOLiner Truck Holding1