rack-speedRealign cosmetic sheet metal damage and perform other repair and service operations in a single setup with SPEED. It improves the work flow be cause the movement of the car between work stations is not necessary. This increases efficiency and improves turn around time benefiting the work shop as well as insurers and vehicle owners.

Speed is perfect for well-equipped collision repair shops …
SPEED is the right choice for collision repair shops that already have one or more full-size alignment benches. Transfer superficially damaged cars to the SPEED lift to keep large benches free for structural and frame repairs.

… and for light repair and paint shops
SPEED is also the ultimate choice for vehicle repair and paintwork shops wanting to expand operations and branch out into light bodywork.

Speed benefits your staff and finances
The ergonomic design simplifies the work and ensures faster progress. Accessibility is excellent because there are no ramps or posts around the vehicle. The car can easily be raised to the most comfortable height.

Customer comments: Cooper Body Shop of Lansing Michigan recently installed 3 Car-O-Liner Speed work stations in floor. Their technicians love them because it brings the job up to a comfortable work height and allows for easier access to the vehicle for repairs. “If its a light job and it needs a pull, no problem, Speed has Draw Liner pulling that is simple to attach. Working with a Car-O-Liner Speed sure beats crawling on the ground. We are getting to old for that!”

Download: Speed Brochure