Car-O-Liner CTR 12000 Fully automatically spot welder


Fully automatic process-regulated, multiple function spot welding machine with medium frequency inverter operation and water cooling, designed for the repair of vehicle bodywork -particularly of components made of high- or maximum strength and also coated and laminated steel panels – with clear quality assurance regarding welding process (welding results).

  • Automatic recognition of total sheet thickness via Pulse-Sonar-System
  • Automatic recognition of material type (normal / high strength) via Virtual Generator
  • Automatic definition of lens diameter via total energy input
  • Transformer C-spot welding gun in 10 kHz technology
  • Welding data documentation with the use of WinSpot QS-Software
  • Equates to the exposure limit values of the EU-Directive 2004/40/EG
  • High output currents up to 12 kA
  • High quality performance “spot by spot”
  • Reproducible welding quality
  • Future-upgradable due to update-ability via USB

Customer comments: We chose the Car-O-Liner CTR 12000 over the Pro Spot i4 & i5 because its welds looked better, the gun worked smoother, it was easier to use and we have local support from the “Altra Team.”