Customer Testimonials

We converted our older Spray Bake booth for waterborne paint. We added the Garmat USA Accelecure system and have been absolutely satisfied with its performance. I can tell we have too many hand held blowers already. We just are not using them much at all. It has allowed us much faster flash times and really speeded up the process. We also had the filtration system in the ceiling changed out when they did the Accele-Cure and now we get much cleaner paint jobs. We also did a Garmat USA lighting upgrade, the difference was remarkable. Now our painters can see! The Altra Products crew did a wonderful meticulous job on the conversion of our booth; they are a good group of guys. Remember we liked what the Altra guys did so well that we purchased another Garmat USA 3000 system with the Accele-Cure fans for our new location in Manistee in July 2012. – Clyde Shilander of Benedict Shilander Collision Ludington MI (Spray Bake Booth / DuPont Water)

I made the decision to put off upgrading our two paint booths for two years and we made the handheld blowers work, but ever since we put in the Accele-Cure fans it is like we died and went to heaven. These silly looking little fans have made a huge impact on the speed of the waterborne and solvent based application and curing. I wouldn’t consider any other approach to speed up the waterborne paint process.  As usual, Dick and his crew are always a pleasure to buy equipment from. – Dave Solmes of Dewey’s Auto Body Hastings MI (Garmat Booths / PPG Water Materials)

I love the Garmat Accele-Cure system; it cuts my dry times by at least half. The Accele-Cure system with the fans works much better than the corner blowers. These Garmat USA 3000 booths have tons of air flow. I really like the wide three row pits. – Paul Eno of Cherry Capital Cadillac Traverse City MI. (Garmat Booths / PPG Water Materials)

The Altra booth crew was very professional and timely with the installation of our new booth. They did a wonderful job for us on the installation of our new Garmat USA 3000 spray booth. I would highly recommend Garmat USA products to others. I love the lighting especially the rear wall lights. The booth has no shadows with its horizontal mounted lights. Our booth also has the Garmat USA Accele-Cure air accelerator system installed. It really works great on our PPG paint products. I recently used it for drying some waterborne primer down by the rocker area. Guess what? The Garmat Accele-Cure system works great there too. I was pleasantly surprised. The Altra Crew did a great job! – Sam Mc Clead of German Concepts Mishawaka IN. (Garmat 3000 / PPG Water Materials)