Quick Cure

Quick Cure – Control Your Efficiency

Quik Cure is an option that actually saves time, energy and money! This technology utilizes a multi-stage timer that enables different settings for a “quick cure” of the vehicle, depending upon the paint manufacturer’s requirements.

For the vehicle to have the proper surface temperature for curing paint (as specified by the paint manufacturers), i.e. 140 degrees, the first set point would be adjusted to 72 degrees in spray, the second set point to 195 degrees for 5 minutes, the third set point to 170 degrees for 5 minutes and the forth set point to 160 degrees. The second and third set points are what enable the vehicle to heat more quickly reducing die back and solvent pop. In most cases the bake times can be reduced from 45 minutes total to 25 minutes, allowing for additional jobs to be completed in an 8 hour period.

Shortened cure times and reduced energy usage which resuls in an increased bottom line profit.