Frontier Series Spray Booths

The Frontier™ sets the standard for performance and offers the features that make this booth highly productive. The Frontier™ is a pit-less down-draft spray booth with recycle. The air flow surrounds the car and is drawn through filters at the rear of the cabin. With this model, there is no need to excavate a pit. The Frontier™ was specifically designed for those situations where a pit is not practical or possible. This concept is patented by Garmat USA.

Advantages: Pit-less Booth, No Mechanical Unit on Side – Self Contained – Cabin Foot Print Only, Exhaust filters Easily Changed by One Person, Less Overspray Build Up on Exhaust Fan, No Grates to Remove, Faster Temperature Rise from Direct Fired Burner (98% Efficient), Recycle on Bake – Reduced Fuel Cost with 75% to 80% Recycle on Bake and Minimum 20% Fresh Air on Bake.

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