Garmat USA Tier 1 Paint Spray Booth

The Tier 1 Spray Booth  has the signature Garmat USA quality and reliability with value options to make it an excellent environment for most of your refinish requirements. The Tier 1 is a booth with an integrated mechanical, saving valuable shop floor space and installation time. There is no need to excavate a pit with this model spray booth.

This is a comment from one of our customers that chose a Garmat USA Tier 1 spray booth: “Cleanest paint job I ever turned out. No dirt in the paint job whatsoever. I am extremely pleased with Garmat USA Tier 1 performance” The Altra crew did a great job putting my booth together.

Advantages: Pit-less Booth, No Mechanical Unit on Side – Self Contained – Cabin Foot Print Only, Exhaust filters Easily Changed by One Person, Less Overspray Build Up on Exhaust Fan, No Grates to Remove, Faster Temperature Rise from Direct Fired Burner (98% Efficient), Recycle on Bake – Reduced Fuel Cost with 75% to 80% Recycle on Bake and Minimum 20% Fresh Air on Bake.

Garmat USA Tier 1 Vehicle Preparation Area

tier_1-prepThe Tier 1 Preparation Area is an excellent environment for most of your refinish requirements. The heated prep utilizes an integrated mechanical and was designed to fit most budgetary requirements.

Standard Product Features

  • Single or Double Skin Units
  • Heated or Non Heated
  • Two Stage Filtration

Download the Tier 1 Vehicle Prep Room brochure

Download the Tier 1 Spray Booth