Blackhawk HeinWerner Omega

service jacks

service jacks

The Blackhawk HeinWerner & Omega Lift is our line of solid professional lifting equipment including bottle jacks, service jacks, transmission jacks, engine cranes, press and many other innovative products including the patented “Magic Lift” efficient lifting feature.

View their entire Omega product line — including the full PDF catalog — on their website.

    • Magic Lift Service Jacks
    • Service Jacks
    • Air Actuated Chassis Service Jacks
    • Truck Jacks
    • Portable Body Repair Kits
ratchet style jack stands

ratchet style jack stands

    • Bottle Jacks
    • Air-Actuated Bottle Jacks
    • Forklift Jacks
    • Omni Bottle Jacks
    • Telescopic Transmission Jacks
    • Ratchet Style Jack Stands
    • Magic Lift Jack Stands
    • Pin Style Jack Stands
    • Transmission Jacks
    • Engine Cranes and Crane Jacks
    • Toe Jacks
    • Engine Stands and Accessories
    • Hydraulic Clutch Jack
    • Spring Compressor
    • Portable Bead Breaker
pipe bender

pipe bender

  • Pipe Bender
  • Portable Air-Actuated Foot Pumps
  • Single Acting Cylinders
  • Presses & Hand Pumps
  • Wheel Dolly
  • Brake Drum Handler
  • Auxiliary & Tripod Stands
  • Motorcycle & ATV Jack
  • Truck Ramps
  • Fuel Tank Adapter
  • Creeper